Wednesday, February 27, 2013

President Obama Abdicating Sorely Needed Leadership

By Mary Claire Kendall

What President Barack Obama is doing to America by abdicating his responsibility to oversee the management of the federal government shows, at the least, gross incompetence. President Obama has the responsibility to prioritize funding according to the gravest national needs, of which the defense of the country comes first; and he has failed in this regard.

May our country be spared this scourge, hopefully by Obama waking up to his responsibilities. If not, by taking the only action a nation which hopes to survive, can take.

A friend, asking what 'action' I was recommending, should Obama not wake up, suggested we were hurtling toward a collision course on all possibilities: the one the Constitution offers, which I was reluctantly suggesting; and the other two which arise out of anarchy, to which I replied, "The other two are not corrective actions but disordered reactions. But you're right, God forbid, those two threaten if leadership is not forthcoming. 

Yet, if you look at it optimistically, this time is tailor-made for a leader, not unlike some of our greatest, including Lincoln and Reagan, to step forward and take charge."

We're on a perilous course - just how perilous, I don't think we quite comprehend. As Abraham Lincoln famously said in 1837, "As a nation of free men, we will live forever, or die by suicide." Words of wisdom, which should stir our leaders - perhaps one who is about to emerge - to action.

Abraham Lincoln, November 1863

Meantime, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, is shaking things up.

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